What are teachers & students saying..

Tara - Teacher

"As a teacher, I love the transferability of the decision making process to managing other environmental challenges we face!"

Ciara - Student

"I learned a lot about the different jobs in forestry and I thought that was interesting!"

James - Teacher

"You create interactive and engaging videos. My students and I thank you!"

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The world of forest management is a fascinating career field for students to consider. Not only will they walk away with a deeper appreciation for the way our natural resources are managed but also gain valuable skills that will help in life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Diverse Perspectives in Sustainable Natural Resource Management

    • Course Workbook

    • The Impact of Our Choices

    • Sustainability

    • Managing Forests

    • Tell us about your experience in the forest

    • How has the forest sector improved and become more sustainable?

    • How have you seen science translate into more sustainable forest management?

    • What are the impacts of foresting companies having relationships with the locals?

    • The Decision Makers

    • Summary, Resources, and Next Actions

    • Share your thoughts...

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