Engaging for Students
Easy for Teachers

Daniel - Teacher

"My students actually enjoy your online content! Thank you for inspiring my students to think outside of their boxes."

Shauri - Student

"I would recommend Beanstalk to anyone who would like to learn how to work better in group settings or with other people."

Mary Lynne - SHSM Board Lead

"As a SHSM lead, Beanstalk has always been a good experience for students and teachers! Easy and affordable!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll my students?

    Click on the Enroll my students button or our contact button or give us a call!

    We can help you figure out which course(s) are right for your students. We can send your school an estimate to get the ball rolling and send your student access links asap! No student names, emails or other info required!

  • How much do your Courses Cost?

    Our online certification workshops are $30+HST per student access.

    Our SPE programs (formerly SPCE) ICE Trainings are $50+HST per student access.

    *Discounts are available if you are ordering for more than 100 students.

  • How do I track my students' progress?

    We are happy to provide updates on your student's progress, just ask us!

    Students receive a certificate of completion upon completing a course. This can be easily downloaded by the student, and then sent to the teacher as proof of completion.

  • What if I want to do the certification LIVE?

    That's awesome, contact us and we can chat about our live workshop options!

    The online content comes as part of the live workshop package. Students can relive the magic, reference key lessons or earn their certificate if they were unable to attend the live workshop.