SHSM Certification Workshops

Easy for teachers. Fun for students. Flexible to fit your schedule.

         The last thing students want is a(nother) mandatory boring lecture. 

         We know what works:

  • Engaging - Performance flair to get students' attention
  • Interactive - Stand-up-and-move-around type activities
  • Authentic - Being genuine and down-to-earth builds trust
  • Relevant - Captivating stories and real-world examples

Communication Skills Group Dynamics Project Management
Conflict Resolution Leadership Skills Proposal & Grant Writing
Customer Service Making Professional Connections Public Speaking
Effective Networking Negotiation Training Risk Management
Ethical Considerations Personality Inventory Stress Management Techniques
Event Coordination Portfolio Development
  • Scheduling

    Certifications are generally a half-day in length, and can be adaptable to fit with your class schedule. We can often be flexible with dates, but if you're picky, contact us early.

  • Setup

    It's easy! We need a room and a projector. We bring everything else. No pre-registration required. All students receive a certificate of completion.

  • Cost

    We're so excited to get back into the classroom! We've got some awesome certifications in a variety of formats.
    ​Contact us for a full quote.

I.C.E. Training Workshops

Inspiring sector partners. Real problems. Easy to organize for you. Expertly facilitated by us.

We offer Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Training for all sectors!

Here’s how it works: 

  • We find a community partner and collaborate with you to tailor a customized, engaging day for students. 
  • Students get to meet inspiring professionals and learn about real industry challenges. 
  • Students learn an entrepreneurial problem-solving approach and try their hand at proposing real solutions!

Students love doing things for real, and with I.C.E. Training, that’s exactly what they’re getting.

  • Scheduling

    I.C.E Training requires a full day. We coordinate with you and a sector partner to find a date and venue that works for everyone. But book as early as you can!

  • Setup

    Sector Partner - we find them.
    Supplies - we bring them.
    Amazing facilitation - we do it!
    Basically, you get the students on-site, and we'll take care of everything else.

  • Cost

    We're so excited to get back into the classroom!
    Contact us for a full quote.

We've worked with 55+ school boards

We can make it work with you too!

Our Facilitators

Meet our unique team of edu-tainers!

Brandon Love

Brandon is a magician, speaker, and coach, and he helps people learn to achieve the impossible. He's also a certified teacher, hypnotist, and member of the world-famous Magic Castle. He wrote a book about creativity with Joel, and is a fan of corny jokes.

Text & media

The Beanstalk Project facilitators are "edu-tainers" - we're all experts in youth engagement. We're all teachers ourselves (though some are more officially certified than others), and we've been presenting for years.