What are teachers & students saying..

Tony - Teacher

"A well-priced product that actually meets the SHSM requirements!"

Michelle - Student

"This course helped me learn more about my sector and think of new ways to problem solve!"

Mary Lynne - SHSM Lead

As a SHSM lead, Beanstalk has always been a good experience for students and teachers! Easy and affordable!

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Lightboard Depot wants to make learning through screens more engaging for students and teachers! In this training we will explore manufacturing challenges with the Founder, Mike Justason.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Creativity

    • The Problems of Typical Problem Solving

    • Course Workbook

    • A Crash Course in Creativity

    • Check Your Knowledge: Brainsprouting

  • 2

    Empathy and Need Finding

    • Meet our Special Guest

    • Digging Deeper into the Problem

  • 3

    Ideation & Prototyping

    • Brainsprouting in Action

    • Getting Clear on the Basics

    • Project Ideas Take Shape

    • Get Clear on YOUR Idea

  • 4

    Idea Refinement

    • Getting Initial Feedback on an Idea

    • Feedback in Action

  • 5

    Pitching Your Ideas

    • Creating an Effective Pitch

    • Pitching Our Ideas to the Partner

    • Let's wrap it up!

    • Want to Share Your Pitch?