• I'm a teacher. Can I preview your course to make sure it's right for my students?

    Absolutely! Teacher's are provided with free previews should they wish to review courses in their entirety. Contact us at info@thebeanstalkproject.org for a link to preview the courses you're interested in. By default, teachers are provided one week before the access expires. If you require more time, please let us know.

  • How do I know a student has completed the course?

    Students receive a certificate of completion upon completing a course. This can be easily downloaded by the student, and then sent to the teacher as proof of completion.

    If you are concerned about student progress, please contact us at info@thebeanstalkproject.org to discuss options.

  • How much does this cost?

    The cost of our online workshops is $30+HST per student for certification workshops, and $50+HST per student for SPE programs (formerly SPCE).

    Discounts are available if you are ordering for more than 100 students.

  • I'm interested in a course. How does your payment process work?

    Invoicing and payment takes place with The Beanstalk Project directly. We will continue to coordinate with each school/board regarding their purchasing process.

    The Beanstalk Project can accept payment by cheque and credit card. Once payment has been processed, you will be provided with links to register your students.

    If you are interested in purchasing one or more of our online courses please email our program coordinator at info@thebeanstalkproject.org. They will be happy to walk you through the payment and registration process!

  • I can’t get past the first two videos. What’s wrong?

    First, please check that you have created and are logged into your account. If you are not logged in, you might be accessing the free preview that we make available to all visitors to our site. When you are logged in, you will have access to your dashboard where courses that you have purchased or have been registered for can be found in their entirety.

    Still having technical issues? Reach out by email at info@thebeanstalkproject.org and let us know. We are happy to help!

  • Do you do synchronous (live) online sessions?

    Maybe! The Beanstalk Project is typically hired to do live, in-person SPE (formerly SPCE), SHSM Certifications, SHSM Program Promo Presentations, Teacher P.D., and other bespoke assemblies and workshops. As we developed our virtual programs, there was much debate about whether to provide synchronous (live) or asynchronous (recorded) experiences. Privacy, accessibility, and engagement were all important considerations, and in balancing these, we've chosen to start with a module-based approach: Beanstalk Academy.

    That being said, our team is always open to getting creative in coming up with ways to deliver engaging, virtual programming! Since March 2020, we have successfully delivered synchronous online workshops, connector programs, and other fun events in partnership with schools and teachers.

    If you would like to discuss how we can add live components or work with your preferred online platform please contact us at info@thebeanstalkproject.org. Our aim is always to best support teachers and their students!

  • How do you keep student information safe? What is your Privacy Policy?

    The Beanstalk Project makes every effort to limit the amount of personal information we collect about our users. However, some information is required for us to be able to provide goods and services online.

    For more information, our Privacy Policy can be accessed here.

    Any questions or concerns related to privacy can be directed to our Privacy Officer Joel Hilchey at privacy@thebeanstalkproject.org.

  • Do you provide worksheets or resources?

    We do! All of our courses include downloadable workbooks that help students follow along with our instructors and reinforce key concepts. Some courses also include resource pages that support ongoing learning beyond the workshop.

    Our workbooks are formatted as fillable-PDFs. If this doesn’t work for your students, we can provide .docx versions of these files. Just let us know!

    Troubleshooting can be a pain — especially last minute! To help empower students, we have also included ALL questions and exercises directly below relevant workshop videos.

  • What is The Beanstalk Project?

    The Beanstalk Project is a passionate team of educators, professional speakers and facilitators that could, perhaps, best be considered "edu-tainers". We are all experts in youth engagement and have been presenting for many years, both within education and beyond.

    The Beanstalk Project is all about helping students build their own paths to meaningful careers. We create unforgettable experiences by partnering with inspiring role models that provide engaging presentations. We deliver workshops, assemblies and programs for schools all across the province and work hard to ensure they are impactful for participants and rewarding for organizers. We’re very proud to have become Ontario's top provider of Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Certification Workshops. Last year alone, we worked with more than 30 school boards, connected with dozens of community partners, and delivered more than 300 presentations.

    More than that, we’re on a mission to reform education! Everyone knows that too many students are disengaged. Yet, we also see huge numbers of students who are disconnected from their goals or unclear on their next steps—despite being hardworking. The Beanstalk Project helps students regain their sense of agency, build their skills, and put themselves on a path to success that's meaningful for them!