Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to I.C.E. Training!

  • 2

    Introduction to Creativity

  • 3

    Empathy and Need Finding

    • Meet our Special Guest

    • Digging Deeper into the Problem

  • 4

    Ideation & Prototyping

    • Getting Clear on the Basics

    • Brainsprouting in Action

    • Project Ideas Take Shape

    • Get Clear on YOUR Idea

  • 5

    Idea Refinement

    • Getting Initial Feedback on an Idea

    • Feedback in Action

  • 6

    Pitching Your Ideas

    • Creating an Effective Pitch

    • Pitching Our Ideas to the Partner

    • Let's wrap it up!

    • Thanks and good luck!

    • What did you learn?


Joel Hilchey

Joel teaches at McMaster University, and he speaks and writes about leadership, success, and creating a better world. A true renaissance man, he is a juggler, barbershop quartet singer, occasional yogi, and father of 3 kids - two of whom were born on the same day.

Brandon Love

Brandon is a magician, speaker, and coach, and he helps people learn to achieve the impossible. He's also a certified teacher, hypnotist, and member of the world-famous Magic Castle. He wrote a book about creativity with Joel, and is a fan of corny jokes.