vision & values

What we believe...

Young People Have great ideas
Doing good feels good.
Personal connections are powerful.
Feedback is important and constructive.
Experience is often the best teacher.
Creativity & Play are essential.
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Our 5 Promises To You

Unforgettable Experiences

We create events that are engaging, interactive, and rewarding for participants and organizers alike.

Affordable for Education

We understand that budgets are limited, and we find creative ways to make our programs accessible.

​Inspiring Role Models

​We work with facilitators and partner organizations who embody authenticity, generosity, and wisdom.

Belief in Students

We trust that everyone cares about something and wants to be successful in their own way.

Simple to Organize

We know educators are busy, so we make things easy to organize and ensure everyone looks good.
our team

Inspiring Edu-tainers

We have a few things in common:
  • We care deeply about education & helping students.
  • We have all found our own unique paths to meaningful careers.
Beyond that, we're rather unique folks.

Our Community Partners

To help us deliver inspiring, relevant content, The Beanstalk Project builds partnerships with exciting organizations.
Here are some of the dynamic companies and non-profits that we are honoured to call collaborators:

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